Sr. Research Associate

Position Summary: 
Participate in development of rapid immunoassay for IVD applications. Conduct testing of IVD instruments and evaluate performance of various clinical chemistry methods and immunoassays. Execute testing in accordance with pre-written protocols; document, analyze and summarize results; integrate the documentation and results into reports to support completion of project assignments. Maintain in-house reference instruments in best condition and be a main contact for service and troubleshooting. Approach assigned duties with professional independence and self-motivation and demonstrate adequate ability to work on multiple projects as required. 

Required Education, Experience and Skills: 
Bachelor's degree in a scientific discipline (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, immunology or related field) with at least three (3) years of research or industrial laboratory experience, or Master's degree in same with at least one (1) year of experience and demonstrated working knowledge of scientific principles. Competence in working with common laboratory equipment and analytical instruments. Adequate understanding of immunochemistry and quantitative immunoassays. Working knowledge of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and basic protein chemistry. Experience with designing and executing experiments independently. Skill set must include flexibility, creativity and critical thinking. Must poses analytical and problem solving abilities. 

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities: 
  • Work effectively with own team members and other personnel. 
  • Design and perform laboratory experiments and other assignments as directed. 
  • Write experimental summaries and technical reports for own data. 
  • Write reports covering data and non-data project topics. 
  • Conduct literature reviews; summarize and evaluate data obtained. 
  • Supports product transfer from development to manufacturing and associated product manufacturing activities. 
  • Maintain reference instruments in best condition and keep logs. 
  • Be a main contact with service provider or instrument manufacturer for routine service and troubleshooting. 
  • Contribute to preparation of SOPs for IQ, OQ and PQ. 
  • Ensure new staff members are properly trained to use instruments. 
  • Location: San Diego
  • Type: Contract
  • Job ID: RH547261810