Composite Technician

BioPhase Solutions specializes in recruiting top talented professionals for Southern California's Scientific community. We are currently looking for a Composite Technician to work for a leading Greater Los Angeles Area aerospace company.

• Trimming and finishing of composite and composite metallic assemblies. 
• Assembly of structures including setup, bonding and fastener applications. 
• Experience with various types of hand tools or hand-held power tools. 
• Read and interpret engineering drawings, an understanding for drawing symbols, flag notes and general notes. 
• Use of solvents to prepare surfaces for sealing or assembly. 
• Laminate fabrication skills, including prepreg and wet layup. 
• Laminate assemblies by determining proper placement of composite materials into molds. 
• Prepare parts for bagging, including placement of bleeders, thermocouples, probes and vacuum connections. Check seals on completed bagged parts for leaks. 
• Vacuum bag processing, bonding, and oven/autoclave curing. 
• Make basic layouts on parts or assemblies in order to establish reference points and to check dimensions using calipers, micrometers, precision scales and torque wrenches. 
• Must be able to work per engineering drawings as well as both written and verbal instructions and work with engineers to develop composite hardware fabrication and assembly processes/tooling. 
• Layout and measure patterns on epoxy and polyurethane foams, aluminum and wood. 
• Cut and shape patterns using planes, shaves, files, sure foams, scrapers, routers, hotwires, mills and lathes. 
• Apply sealers, releases, base coats and finish coats using various spray equipment. 
• Perform product inspection, rework/repairs, and composites scarfing as required. 

Basic Qualifications: 
• High School Diploma or GED 
• Minimum of 2 years with layup, bonding or assembly of composites 
• Experience with composite tooling materials (Prepreg, wet layup)

Preferred Skills and Experience: 
• Reaming and honing and/or countersinking of uniform close tolerance holes in proper sequence while using the correct tool for the job (e.g., rivet gun and bucking bar, drill motor, power screwdriver, C-squeeze, ratchet wrench, nut runner). 
• Set up assemblies and parts in various types of processing and curing equipment such as an autoclave, oven or platens press in order to obtain desired set and cure. 
• Ability to operate a ply cutting machine. 
• Apply sealant, alodine, primer, adhesives, and special finishes 

Additional Requirements: 
• Must be willing to work significant overtime. 
• Must be able to lift and carry up to 25lbs 
• Standing for long periods of time, climbing up and down ladders, bending, grasping, sitting, pulling, pushing, stooping, and stretching are generally required to perform the functions of this position. 

  • Location: Los Angeles County
  • Type: Contract
  • Job ID: bio527939