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When searching for the right members to join your team, job descriptions are critical tools in attracting the ideal candidate. Each professional in an organization has vital roles and responsibilities that ensure workflow is efficient and effective. Searching for a biotechnologist can get tricky when their roles come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your organization is seeking professionals that are engineers or biotech researchers, you are looking for the best addition. In hiring any biotechnologist to add to your organization, you want to find a motivated individual who contributes a fresh perspective and is ready to collaborate with others. Here we provide all the information you need to create compelling biotechnology job description and attract your ideal candidate. In addition to this, we also include a free template to help you get started on your biotech job description!

What is a Biotechnologist?

Biotechnologists are scientists or specialists who use living organisms to improve or create new products and processes across several industries. Biotech jobs may be inside or outside a lab in a fast-paced working environment. Biotechnologists can work as lab technicians, scientists, engineers, or in other biotech roles. With many companies seeking biotechnologists, your search may require professionals with unique specializations. These specialized roles can impact industries like medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, and others. If the candidate you seek specializes in microbiology, chemistry, food science, or engineering, each plays an essential role on every team. These specialists seek to challenge and investigate scientific knowledge, often through positions at biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies. A biotechnologist collaborates with other members, prepares reports, and gives presentations on research or work completed. With deep involvement in their work, it’s crucial to find a professional committed to and well-suited for biotechnology job duties and responsibilities.

What You Should Include in the Biotechnologist Job Description

Like any job description, there are main components that go into writing an intriguing and informative biotech job description. The vital aspects that should always be included are job summary, responsibilities, qualifications, compensation or benefits information, and a quick overview of the company itself. Within these sections, you can get as specific as necessary, including education, training, certificates, or other expectations for the role. When providing this information, ensure that everything is clear, concise, and essential. A clearly written job description helps candidates connect their skills with the role’s expectations. Including too much or too little information can make a difference if you are having problems finding the right person for your organization. As biotech recruiters, here is what we recommend you include in each section of your biotech job description for great results.

Job Summary

Always include a general overview of the job you need to fill. This can be a short paragraph of 2-3 sentences. With biotechnology jobs as competitive as they are, your job summary can help draw and keep the attention of the best professionals in the industry. The job summary should convince candidates why they should work for your company. Take this section to explain your organization’s objectives, how the role will contribute to a broader goal, and your most sought traits in a candidate. This section helps prospects figure out right away whether they are interested in and suitable for the position.


In this part of your biotech job description, provide a more in-depth view of the biotechnologist’s responsibilities. This should encompass an overview of all responsibilities the biotech job oversees. Are there specialized duties a candidate needs to be made aware of? Will there be any training or mentorship involved with the role? What laboratory or fieldwork will be expected of potential employees? Give an honest and accurate representation of the job position. Responsibilities and expectations should be made clear so there are no misinterpretations of the work required.

Skills and Qualifications

Skills and qualifications are the tools needed to perform a job. These sections can also be split into “required” and “preferred” skills and qualifications. Depending on your needs for the role, it is up to the employer how this section should be written. Required skills are the dealbreakers, and preferred skills are anything extra that will make a potential employee stand out. In your skills and qualifications section, consider these factors for requirements: education, prior experience, hard and soft skills, and certifications. Will they need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree? The role might even require a Ph.D. Does your ideal candidate have communication skills and hands-on experience with unique equipment? Is your candidate required to hold a specific certificate? It’s vital to ask these questions and note any required or preferred experience with techniques, equipment, or procedures needed to perform the job.

Salary and Benefits

One of the best ways to attract your ideal candidate is to include information regarding salary and benefits. Most people are interested in the specifics and what the benefits entail. Some benefits to consider listing can go beyond health and retirement benefits. Does your company provide tuition or professional development assistance? If the job requires relocation, note any relocation assistance as well. Will the company offer employees stock options? These benefits can help your biotechnology job stand out from the others and make yours more competitive among highly-qualified professionals. Use salary and benefits as a selling point to answer why a candidate should choose to work at your company over another.

Company Overview

Be sure to also include a brief section about your company or organization. This can be included at the beginning or as part of the job summary. Provide highlights of company goals, culture, and values. Give candidates an idea of how your company will welcome them with open arms. This information is vital as potential employees should understand their work environment. A company overview helps candidates see how they fit into the company culture and vision.

Biotechnologist Job Description – Template

To help you find the right candidate, we created a purpose-built template. This sample biotech job description will help familiarize a candidate with your organization’s mission and vision. For your unique role, provide essential information a candidate might need to determine their eligibility and interest. Utilize this biotech job description template as a resource and breathe your company’s personality and culture into it. In developing your job description, aim to use brief sentences and keep sections within 8 bullet points to make your description quick and concise. These extra touches, paired with clear and well-written sections, will result in catching the right candidate’s attention.

Biotechnologist Job Summary

[Company Name] is a force in scientific advancement, and we are looking for a skilled and highly motivated biotechnologist to help us investigate and challenge scientific knowledge. As a key player on our team, this person will help move us towards [Company Objective] and establish [Company Name] as an industry leader. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of using necessary equipment, be able to work both independently and closely with a wide variety of departments, collect and interpret data, and help create an efficient working environment.

Biotechnologist Responsibilities

  • Participate in establishing new techniques, technologies, or methods based on evolving project demands.
  • Design, execute, and interpret data from sophisticated experiments and clearly communicate key findings.
  • Interact constructively with all staff to help identify and solve problems.
  • Utilize advanced knowledge of specific scientific protocols to analyze, interpret, and/or make deductions based on data obtained through scientific experimentation.
  • Mentor associates in proper laboratory skills, techniques, and scientific experimental design.
  • Prepare and maintain samples and equipment before and after experiments.
  • Refines and improves protocols and is proficient across multiple established techniques.
  • Keep and organize detailed records in compliance with applicable safety, regulatory, and environmental requirements.

Biotechnologist Required Skills

  • Superior written and oral communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and creative approach to problem solving.
  • Ability to work flexible and/or long hours independently
  • Demonstrated independent problem solving and systematic data-driven experimental design and execution.
  • Must be highly disciplined, organized, and self-motivated.

Biotechnologist Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology or equivalent in a life sciences field.
  • [X years] of laboratory experience
  • Minimum of [X years} of relevant [specialization] experience required
  • Knowledge of industry regulatory requirements and guidelines

Biotechnologist Salary and Benefits

Biotechnologist Salary Range: $47,000 – $51,000 a year


  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Referral Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Hire the Right Candidate With BioPhase Solutions

In summary, you want your job descriptions to do more work for you. Although talent acquisition can be tricky, a great job description can attract the right person for the role. Don’t be afraid to add character to your biotech job description. Remember to be straightforward and honest about all role expectations and duties. We know your plate is filled, and if you want to avoid the hassle of sifting through countless applications, contact us at BioPhase Solutions or connect with us on LinkedIn. Not only do we streamline the process for you, but we also check all references and ensure we bring you the most qualified candidates within the industry. Our biotech recruiters, combined with 30+ years of experience, are the best at helping you find the right talent to join your organization.