What is Biotechnology? A Guide to The Types of Biotech

As old as the first loaf of bread, the different types of biotech have offered the world countless innovations. Ever-evolving, this industry uses technology in combination with biology. Biotechnology can produce the cleaning solutions, food, or medicine in your home. Biotech can touch sustainable manufacturing, medical therapies, farming techniques, and genetic engineering. It investigates human, plant, and animal biology producing local and global solutions. Are you searching for a rewarding and unique career? Our guide walks you through the types of biotech, the problems they aim to solve, and what the future holds for this industry.

A Short History of Biotechnology

While biotechnology sounds like something out of science fiction, it has been practiced since the first ancient civilizations. The early history of biotech included farming and domestication processes that brought the world our favorite cheeses and bread. Over the industrial revolution, biotechnology expanded with discoveries like antibiotics, the double-helix DNA structure, and the mapping of the human genome. In short, we use biotech products that have been with us throughout history and influence current efforts for expanding scientific knowledge.

Types of Biotechnology

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Medical Biotechnology

Medical biotechnology, biopharma, and biomedical research are all leaves of the same branch. This type of biotechnology works toward improving healthcare. Medical biotech aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. This work can involve developing cell and gene therapies, personalized medicine, vaccines, or improving medical and healthcare processes. Medical biotech, also known as red biotechnology, proves rewarding for those looking to positively impact human healthcare.

Agricultural Biotechnology

This type of biotech takes “having a green thumb” to another level. You may have heard agricultural biotechnology referred to as agritech or green biotech. This type of biotech works to improve agricultural and farming techniques and equipment. These efforts can be seen in the developments of genetic engineering, insecticides, and biofuels. Aiming to change how we farm and maintain crops, this type of biotechnology is fundamental to the future of agriculture.

Industrial Biotechnology

While biotechnology works to create solutions to global problems, industrial biotech answers how we bring those solutions to life. “White biotechnology” utilizes enzymes to improve the manufacturing process. This type of biotech looks at manufacturing and groups biology, engineering, and chemistry under one system. Exploring everything from laundry detergent to renewable energy, this type of biotech impacts several industries. Although it began many years ago, the spirit of the Industrial Revolution lives on in industrial biotechnology as it makes an effort to make manufacturing efficient and sustainable.

Marine Biotechnology

Marine biotechnology houses an ocean of opportunity for those who’ve felt called to deep-sea exploration. This branch of biotech uncovers how marine life can produce new foods, products, pharmaceuticals, and more. Impacting several industries, this “blue biotechnology” never runs out of possibilities for expanding scientific knowledge. While also diving into sustainability and conservation, ocean lovers can call this type of biotech home.

The Types of Biotech and You

Whether you decide to make an impact through farming, oceanography, or industrialization, there is much to discover and learn. From our crops to our medicine cabinets, many can find rewarding careers by having a hand in the future of biotechnology products. This career path can help shape the future of agriculture, healthcare, environmentalism, energy, and science. One of the best parts about biotechnology is having the options. With opportunities in research, business operations, IT, marketing, administration, and more, there’s a biotech career for anyone. Find job opportunities in biotechnology and life sciences today.