Biotechnology Cover Letter Example – How to Write a Winning One!

Wondering how to write a winning cover letter? Well, we got you sorted. This article guides how to write a killer cover letter, covering the bad and the good practices. And as a bonus, you have a winning biotech cover letter example you can use when applying for that job.

Why is a Cover Letter So Important?

A cover letter helps a job applicant stand out among other candidates. While carrying different weights among companies, the bottom line is that all companies require this document. Here are some reasons you should not overlook a cover letter.

Helps build the relationship

One needs to tell a story to build a personal relationship with a recruiter. And this is what a cover letter enables a job applicant to do. While the CV shows accomplishments and qualifications, the cover letter portrays one’s personality.

As such, the recruiter will tell whether they can fit in with the Company’s culture or not. Besides, it helps one add creativity while maintaining a professional voice.

Shows care for the Company

A cover letter allows a biotechnology applicant to highlight areas in a company that resonate with their ideals. For example, one can mention initiatives or activities that align with their principles.

Besides, it shows one has researched the Company and the prospective position. Sending a CV without a cover letter shows the recruiter that the applicant is not concerned with the Company as a whole.

Portrays persuasive skills

A well-written cover letter shows an applicant’s persuasive skills, ideal for making an argument at the workplace. Since a career in biotechnology involves justifying ideas and lobbying for resources, having the ability to persuade is a boon.

Demonstrates communication skills

Again, a biotechnologist does a lot of verbal and written communication with peers and seniors. As such, sending a cover letter that is well written demonstrates how well you can write internal letters and more.

Allows one show plan for success

A cover letter allows applicants to explain how they’ll handle the task. For example, they can identify challenges and specify steps they’ll follow to address them.

How to Write a Biotech Cover Letter

Before writing the opening paragraph, one should ensure the header contains the contact information. Also, greet the Company, recruiter, or hiring manager.

So, how does one create a persuasive cover letter? Let’s find out:

Opening Paragraph

Start with an attention-grabbing paragraph to ensure the hiring manager continues reading your cover letter. The applicant should show how a company would benefit by hiring them. Show commitment and passion for the position at hand.

One should also demonstrate they’ve researched the Company and job position. This shows the employer their level of enthusiasm. Finally, do not forget to be direct since potential employers are skimming through hundreds of applications.

Good opening paragraph

My name is Alex, and I am a master’s degree holder in biotechnology. With five years of experience in biotechnology, I can help your Company achieve its short and long-term targets. When working for Bit Pharmaceutical Company, I helped develop effective drugs to control disease X. I believe my expertise and record of accomplishment can help your Company.

Bad opening paragraph

Hello, I am Alex applying for the biotechnologist position. As a graduate, I believe I am a good fit.

Middle Paragraph(s)

Now it’s time to expand on academic qualifications and achievements. Show how they will be of benefit to the position at hand. One can show how specific qualifications are fit for the job vacancy.

An applicant should use short paragraphs and bullet points to expound more on qualifications if possible. This makes it easy for the hiring manager to skim your cover letter.

Good middle paragraph

I am well-versed in DNA manipulation, analytical chemistry, and bioassays. I also possess the much-needed computer and lab skills. Combined, they’ll help collaborate with teams from different departments in your Company.

Bad middle paragraph

I have different skills as aligned in my CV. I believe they can be of help to the Company.

Closing Paragraph

Here, an applicant should provide a call to action (CTA) and write in a reassuring voice. An excellent CTA is to ask for an interview. Also, one should reiterate how fit they are for the position.

They should also show how eager they are for the interview and that they will send a follow-up letter after a specified time.

Good closing paragraph

Thank you for going through my cover letter, and I am confident you will go through my CV. I am eager to offer my services to your Company. I will send a follow-up letter in two weeks.

Bad closing paragraph

I hope you will consider reviewing my CV and evaluating me for the role. Thanks for your time; I look forward to hearing from you.

Tips & Best Practices for Writing a Biotech Cover Letter

Highlight your experience

Job applicants need to show their experience in the industry. They highlight past projects they have worked on, relevant qualifications, and certificates they earned.

Those seeking entry-level roles can highlight their willingness to learn. For example, they can show they are eager to learn and hone skills in the workplace.

Focus on the employer

Instead of focusing on how the biotech company can help them, they can write about how they’ll help the Company. Like other companies, biotech businesses are there to make a profit. As such, they should show how they can improve their revenue.

Use a conversational tone

While a cover letter should sound formal, populating it with a conversational tone will make it sound human. Too much legal talk and the style sounds robotic, which is a turn-off for most employers.

Writing in a conversational tone shows the applicant can explain biotech jargon to ordinary people. And this is what companies are looking for. Besides, they can visit the Company’s website or social media platforms to glimpse their preferred tone.

Customize the cover letter

Biotechnicians have different roles, and besides, each vacancy has its specifics. This means applicants should customize their cover letter to suit the job opportunity. Reading the job description carefully will help them with customization.

Keep it short

As mentioned, employers receive hundreds of applications per hiring session. They, therefore, have minimal time to skim through long cover letters. To prevent their cover letters from being rejected, applicants should keep them concise.

Proofread the cover letter

Like other job applications, they should proofread their cover letter to eliminate mistakes. This shows the hiring manager that they are serious about the job. They can use tools such as Grammarly to mitigate grammatical errors.

Biotech Cover Letter Examples

Example 1

Dear Mr. John Doe,

I am writing in response to the Biotechnician role that was advertised on your Company’s website. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from AB University. I have been working as a Biotechnician in XYZ Company for five years. I am confident that my skills and experience are a good fit for the position.

At the previous Company, I was tasked with conducting experiments, analyzing, and documenting results. I also maintained the lab equipment, ensuring the smooth running of the laboratory. I am well versed in lab techniques, principles of biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.

I am motivated to take up new challenges and always strive to learn new skills. I am eager to hone and develop new skills as I strive to make your Company successful. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name

Example 2

Dear Mr. John Doe,

I am applying for the advertised position on your LinkedIn profile. My name is John Doe, and I have attached my CV with the cover letter for your consideration. My skills and experience make me an excellent choice for the advertised role.

Since my employment at XYX Company a decade ago, I have been instrumental in various biotechnology projects. I have been part of product development and a research team. I have extensive knowledge of biotechnology equipment, practices, and research methods. I also have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from CD University, making me a good fit for the role.

I am eager to work in your Company as a biotechnologist and improve its efficiency. I am confident that after reading my resume, you will agree that I am the right candidate for your Company. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Your name

Example 3

Dear Mr. John Doe,

My name is Eric Donald. I am a biotechnologist with more than eight years of experience in collecting, recording, analyzing, and processing data. I am also knowledgeable with documentation and results presentation. I believe I am the perfect candidate for the advertised role.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree from XY University and my master’s degree from YZ University. I am the lead biotechnologist at AB Company, where I foresee all research. Over the last eight years, I have trained junior lab technicians, contributed to industry conferences, and been part of a government advisory team.

I know your Company has many groundbreaking projects in the pipeline. I am eager to be part of a history-making team. I appreciate your consideration. You can reach me on any of the provided contact details.

Your name

Example 4 (epic fail)

Hey there,

I have seen your job posting on your website, and it looks like I am a good fit. I am a biotech graduate with a few years of experience. As a graduate, I believe I can work with the rest of the team. Well, my skills and experience speak for themselves.

I also see you are working on exciting projects. Nice, I like working on such since my education background is up to pa. I am hardworking, punctual, and talkative.

I need this job to show you I can be a great biotechnologist. And since this is a big company, you will help me fulfill my career dreams. Please call or email me. Thank you.

Your name


Writing a winning cover letter shouldn’t be a daunting task. All an applicant needs to do is go through the job description, customize the cover letter, and proofread before sending. Also, one should research the Company and the role to improve their chances of getting an interview. Let us help you land the perfect job.