5 Ways to Find Biotech Jobs Fast

According to the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, California is one of the leading states in the biotech industry and saw the employment base grow by 13.1% in 2021. With the growth this industry is witnessing, biotech careers are more accessible to you than ever. There are life science jobs for every background, so you’re sure to find a department or organization that calls to you on your career journey. This industry has a diverse range of biotech career opportunities from R&D to clinical trials, sales and marketing, IT, and regulatory affairs. California jobs in biotechnology can be found in the state’s most popular cities. Areas like San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area are booming life science hubs. Finding a job in biotechnology fast is essential for those looking to advance their careers and make their mark on the industry. If you feel like finding a job is overwhelming, you’re not alone! Job searching can be its own full-time job, and many often struggle to find the right opportunities with the right companies that match their skills and interests. In this blog post, we discuss five ways to find biotech jobs fast. We will cover ways to search that will help you locate jobs in the biotech industry and stand out among other candidates. We’ll help you gain insight to find your dream job in biotechnology and further your life science career.

Networking in the Life Science Industry

As a job seeker, the power of networking can take your endless applications to meetings with hiring managers. One of the best ways to find our next job in biotech is to start by meeting new people and having meaningful conversations. One of the easiest ways to network is by starting conversations with friends, family, or previous coworkers. Catch up with them and give them a sense of what opportunities you’re chasing next. These conversations can spark a connection with someone they know in their network who might know someone who works at a biotech company that’s currently hiring. On top of this, research networking events or mixers in your area for biotech professionals. These events are also great ways to meet people and potential employers within the industry while expanding your network for the future. You can make a strong start to your job search, find leads, and make lasting impressions with possible employers through these events and conversations.

Ways to Network in The Biotechnology Industry

Some of the best ways to network involve genuine communication. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or general industry questions, catch up, or talk about the biotech industry with people in your network. Day-to-day conversations don’t necessarily need to lead to job opportunities each time you speak with another person. Over time, building these professional relationships contributes to better discussions and possibly a job lead or referral. The more you get to know others, the better they can advocate for your work ethic and history. Here are a few places you can begin networking:

  • Attend industry events
  • Join professional organizations or networking groups on LinkedIn
  • Connect with alumni from your college or university
  • Utilize social media like Facebook to find networking events near you

Job Boards for Jobs in Biotechnology

One way of finding jobs in biotechnology is by utilizing different job boards. Not only are you able to search for jobs, but you can look into company reviews, research pay scales, and learn more about the companies you’re interested in. These boards make it easy to include your entire work history and connect directly with employers, hiring managers, and recruiters. Keep track of your applications and stay organized with popular job boards like LinkedInIndeed, and Glassdoor.

Tips for using Job Boards for Biotechnology Jobs

  • Fully develop your resume and profile on each platform you use so that hiring managers have a comprehensive profile to refer to when considering your application.
  • Use LinkedIn as a networking tool to find jobs that may not be on job boards and to secure professional referrals.
  • Search for jobs on industry-specific job boards like our BioPhase jobs page to find opportunities unique and specific to your field.

Biotech Company Websites

While it may take time and patience, frequently checking job openings on company websites is another method of job searching. Instead of relying on third-party sites, you can go directly to the source. Track open opportunities with your favorite and top-of-the-list companies to be the first to apply. After applying, you can also connect with the hiring manager or recruiter for the role on LinkedIn. Here are some of the benefits of searching for jobs on company websites:

Benefits of searching for jobs on company websites

  1. By applying for companies you love, you already have a deep understanding of their company culture and values that you can speak on in a tailored resume and cover letter.
  2. You can be one of the first to apply for a job and avoid your resume mixed in with those from third-party sites.
  3. Some companies may not use job board platforms and only use their website to post career opportunities, so there is potential for finding hidden job opportunities.

Utilizing the Power of Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media in your search for biotech jobs. Social media like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram can be game-changing methods for connecting and starting conversations with professionals in biotech careers. These platforms make it easier to engage with leaders in the life science industry who share information on the biotech job market and possible biotech job opportunities near you. Networking with life science professionals online and tailoring social media accounts that act as professional profiles can help you find the most in-demand biotech jobs you might not find elsewhere. You can make yourself stand out as a life science candidate and have direct conversations with key decision-makers or gain references. While social media may not be the initial go-to for everyone, it is a free option to exercise and build your professional network when pursuing a biotech career!

Working with Biotech Recruitment Agencies

Another tool for finding biotech jobs is by partnering with a biotech recruitment agency or recruiter. Life science recruiters are great resources for job seekers as they have pools of industry-related professionals in their networks. They are the pulse of the job market and can find you the right opportunities fast. When you work with a recruiter you benefit from the resources that they utilize daily to find you work. Here are some of the benefits of working with a biotech recruiter:

Benefits of Working with Biotech Recruiters

  1. Recruiters often place candidates in roles not posted on job boards or company websites. This gives you access to a wide range of job opportunities that aren’t publicly advertised, giving you better chances of standing out and directly connecting with companies you’re excited about.
  2. Recruiters are experts in their fields and can provide a unique perspective. They provide guidance and support you throughout the job search process. (The right life science recruiter will become your biotech career advocate!)
  3. Recruiters know exactly what hiring managers are looking for and help you with your resume and interview preparation so you can focus on showing hiring managers just how great you are.

Finding Jobs in Biotechnology

Finding biotech jobs doesn’t have to be tricky. Like other industries, biotech careers take time and effort to build. When finding your next biotech job fast, remember that you don’t only have to use job boards or LinkedIn. You can use several outlets like friends and family, networking events, social media, or life science recruiters. Whether one technique works for you or multiple, find what works and stay encouraged in your job search. Rejection is a normal part of the process, and dedication to your pursuits will lead you to success. Want to get started? Contact us at BioPhase, and we’ll help you find your next biotech job fast.