How to Find Biotech Jobs Near You After Relocating

No matter where life takes you, we assembled a how-to guide to help you find biotech jobs near you. Although moving takes time and energy, relocating means you have a new place with new life science job opportunities to explore. Instead of searching “biotech jobs near me” online, we outline how to go into your job hunt with a strategy, especially in a new city. The biotech industry, while growing, can be challenging to break into depending on the job market. On top of a move, you might wonder where you even start. How do you build connections? Our blog addresses these challenges and offers strategies and tips to find biotech jobs near you after relocating.

Assessing the Biotech Job Market in Your New Location

In any new location, here are a couple of ways to assess the life science job market for possible biotech jobs near you.

Researching the local biotech ecosystem

You can begin your research before or after relocating. Search online through Google or LinkedIn, where you can search broad and specific terms depending on what you’re looking for in a job. Let’s start with the basic search “Biotech companies in [city].” Search results can provide a list of companies. However, the lists might not be sorted or filtered to your interests. Next, you can try to get specific with industry-related terms. For example, “Genomic companies in [city].” If you’re interested in research institutions or startups, include those terms too so that your search becomes something like “Genomic startups in [city].” You can also utilize resources like biotech company directories or lists. Here’s a biotech company map for those relocating to California. After doing this research, you can visit company websites or LinkedIn pages to see if they are hiring. In doing so, you can predetermine what companies you might already be interested in working for and anticipate local biotech industry hiring trends.

Analyzing the demand for biotech professionals

Once you understand more about the amount of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical organizations in your new area, you can begin exploring career options. Keeping up with industry-related news is a method of learning about companies hiring, startups with ground-level job openings, and more about biotech jobs near you. Learning what types of biotech organizations and companies are nearby can help you understand more about what skills and expertise they’ll want in prospective employees. Learn more about the most in-demand biotechnology jobs here.

Leveraging Networking Strategies

One of the best ways of finding biotech roles is through personal or professional references. Here are some tips for leveraging your network during a job search.

Engaging with local biotech communities

After relocating and while researching your local biotech ecosystem, you should also look into biotech or life science events. Many life science hubs host meetups, social mixers, conferences, webinars, and other networking opportunities. These are the perfect places to meet professionals active in your new area. You can ask them questions about local groups and companies for further research and begin engaging within a diverse and thriving community. Remember to connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn to build and nourish your network. Events are fantastic for meeting new professionals after relocating and integrating within the local biotech network. Check out our Networking 101 blog post here for more tips!

Reaching out to alumni networks and professional associations

Another resource for connecting with professionals in the industry is to utilize alumni networks or ask others at networking events about any professional development associations in the area. These networks also help you develop relationships and business connections in your new location. By joining relevant biotech associations or reconnecting with alums, you can learn about job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised or posted on job boards and career pages.

Utilizing Online Resources and Job Platforms

Here are a couple of methods for maximizing online resources for job hunting after relocating.

Biotech job portals and websites

To find biotech jobs near you, consider searching job sites unique to life sciences and biotechnology. For example, if you’ve relocated to California, you can search for life science jobs on our website. As life science recruiters, we’re experts at finding biotech jobs throughout California’s life science hubs. Here’s more info on how biotech recruiters like us help you optimize your job search. Adding to this, utilize other job search platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. You can create job alerts customized to your location and desired roles on these websites. These tools can help you find new jobs fast and be the first to apply.

Optimizing your online presence

Let your network know you relocated and are looking for new opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn, catching up over coffee, or in a quick email. When utilizing LinkedIn, verify your profile is complete, up-to-date, and optimized so recruiters or people outside your network can find your profile easily. After optimizing and revamping your LinkedIn profile, interact with others in your network by sending them a quick message or posting professional updates. LinkedIn is a widely-used business development tool that connects you to potential employers and showcases your life science experience. Your online presence can also help new connections get to know your professional values, goals, and expertise, leading to potential recommendations for job openings.

Tailoring Your Application Materials

Here are tips for tailoring materials for applying to biotech jobs near you.

Customizing your resume and cover letter

Whether you are preparing or ready to apply for biotech jobs, customize your resume and cover letter for each application. Let your resume highlight your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a competitive market. Reference job descriptions and company websites to get a sense of what a company is looking for in potential employees. Remember, your resume and cover letter should answer why your skills fill the specific needs and requirements of the organization. Check out our recommendations for writing a winning cover letter here.

Showcasing adaptability and transferable skills

In the biotechnology industry, among many sought-after skills, adaptability is key in this industry that values innovation. In your resume, emphasize an ability to learn quickly and adapt to new environments. Relocating can also provide the opportunity to leap into a new career role. When applying for biotech roles in a different career track, highlight any transferable skills in your resume and prepare examples ahead of time for interviews. If you need help understanding which skills and experiences work best in your resume, consider asking a life science recruiter, mentor, or colleague to review your resume for recommendations.

Ace the Biotech Job Interviews

Prepare to make the best impressions during interviews with local biotech companies in your new area.

Preparing for biotech interviews

Prepare for biotech and life science interviews by researching companies. Explore their culture, values, and projects to speak on these subjects. Look into common biotech interview questions and review the job description. If an interviewer opens the discussion with questions, use this as an opportunity to ask them about your new area and the biotechnology scene. Emphasize what you can bring from previous experience and knowledge you can bring in other locations or biotech hubs. Here are more tips we put together for preparing for a biotechnology interview. Always make the best impression with new companies, especially after relocating. Positions may open again in the future, offering new opportunities.

Finding Biotech Jobs Near You

Job hunting in a new location can require more legwork and putting yourself out there, whether in person or online. Utilize what you know about job hunting and building networks to create connections and establish yourself in a new area. Job hunting can come with challenges anytime, anywhere. With the support of family, friends, colleagues, or a new network, you can find the life science role that suits your passions and career goals. Need help finding biotech jobs in California? Send us your resume! Our life science recruiters can help you find the right opportunities with the right companies.